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Sustainability Policy

Environmental Policies:

  • Teach to our guests to take care and to protect the environment, through the adequate use of our facilities and service.
  • Control our processes, activities and services in order to prevent the pollution.
  • Decrease the use of natural resources.
  • Have a staff and suppliers involved and committed to prevent the pollution and to our continuous improvement policy.
  • Comply with the environmental laws and regulations affecting the company.
  • The company does not take part or allow the sale, trade, exhibition, extraction or introduction of wild life (flora and fauna) or artificial feeding of them.

Social and Cultural Policies:

  • Do not take part or allow the sale, trade or exhibition or archeological remains.
  • The company staff is preferably local and trained people.
  • The company is against the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and teenagers. We will interact with all the social and government initiatives aimed to the elimination of the traffic and sexual exploitation of minors.
  • The company will interact in a positive way with local people, through the staff participation in social and cultural activities.

Human Resources Management Policies:

  • The company assures the ethnic and gender equity. We do not approve children´s work and we respect any religious or political ideology of our staff.
  • The company looks after the continuous learning of its staff, organizing training and continuous improvement programs; and providing the opportunity of choosing specialization courses, so that all the staff would be able to built knowledge.

Purchase and Suppliers Policies:

  • The company would preferably buy biodegradable products; machinery and equipment with environmentally friendly technology, with the lowest energy consumption and the most efficiency as possible. There would also be applied reduction, re use and recycle of its raw materials.
  • Avoid buying materials or substance that may harm people and the environment.
  • Suppliers would preferably be local and must comply with the following criteria set by the company.
    • Prevent the pollution.
    • Comply with our internal environmental requirements.
    • Comply with the health requirements applicable to its industry according to law.
    • Show sensitivity and availability to the environmental care mechanism.