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Los Andes de America Hotel promotes cultural interaction between our visitors and local people from Cusco, for which we provide information on various local festivals, manners and traditions.

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  • January 6; Feast of Ollantaytambo. – Reyes Magos Day, here are processions and dances.
  • January 20; Feast of St. Sebastian. - San Sebastian neighborhood in Cusco.
  • March - April – Easter Week. - On Holy Monday is made the procession of Señor de los Temblores, the Jury Pattern of Cusco city; you can also taste various dishes prepared for those dates.
  • May 2 - Cruz Velacuy. – It´s performed on the night from 2 to 3 May; It starts with the faithful vigil of the crosses at night; people eat and drink and the next day they are going in procession to the churches.
  • May-June - Qoyllur Rit'i (Snow Star). - Party and pilgrimage held at the Shrine of Qoyllur Rit’i and houses the drawing on a stone of a crucified Christ; the church is located at the foot of the highest and most venerate mountain or Apu from Cusco, “The Ausangate”. The thousands of pilgrims made ​​up by the nations or indigenous communities representatives rise to the mountain, between music, dance and other rituals. This pilgrimage is the best expression of Andean and Western syncretism.
  • June - Corpus Christi. – It´s the largest Catholic celebration of Cusco city, it´s celebrated on Thursday (9 weeks after Holy Thursday) in which the images of the Virgins and Saints go out on a wooden shrine from their various churches to visit the Cathedral, and the next day all the images are going in procession, preceded by the carriage taking the custody. You can also taste the Chiri Uchu (cold chili), Cusco typical dish and accompanied by Chicha or a beer.
  • June 21 - Fiesta 3 Crosses of Gold - The place is an hour from Paucartambo, and shows the spectacular view of Sunrise over the Amazon Rainforest in the winter solstice; to the place arrive the Andean communities surrounding and it´s one of the most original festivals from Cusco.
  • June 24 - Inti Raymi. - Also called Fiesta del Sol, is the principal Andean roots feast held in Cusco; the festival is to honor the Sun God and celebrates the winter solstice and the beginning of the corn crop. The modern representation is made on the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman and displays a colorful show with lots of music, dance, parades and performances of rituals. It is a holiday crowd of local people and tourists, so it is recommended to travelers who wish to attend the Inti Raymi planning your trip several months in advance.
  • July 16 - Feast of the Virgen Del Carmen Paucartambo. - Also called the Feast of the Mamacha del Carmen, it takes place in the charming colonial town of Paucartambo (109 km from Cusco), the festival lasts from July 15-19, in this feast go out on procession the Virgin of Carmen, various religious ceremonies are performed in the presence of faithful and visitors, beautiful songs are listened, beautiful dances are developed by the groups that cover the different streets and squares of this town, typical dishes are served and many rites of ancestral origin are staged.
  • July, 28, 29 - Peruvian National Holidays- Are celebrations of Peruvian Independence. and are the mean celebrations of the peruvian nation. Both students and workers go on vacations and they make trips and leisure activities. There are many celebrations, cultural and civics, and many parties. On July, 28 is celebrated the Conmemoration of the Independence declaration and the Presidential Message is done in the Congress; on July 29, is carry out Militar Parade in the major cities of the country
  • August 15 - Feast of Tiobamba. - Feast of Virgen Nuestra Señora de Asunta.  
  • September 8 - Feast of Chumbivilcas. - Held on the day of the Virgen de la Natividad, you can also enjoy bullfights and horse racing.
  • September 14 - Feast of the Señor de Huanca. - The festival is held in the Cerro Pachatusan province of Calca and can be reached by car. The faithful venerate the image of Señor de Huanca which was painted by the famous Indian painter Diego Quispe Tito in 1675.
  • 3rd Sunday of December; Feast of San Blas. - Made in Cusco city.
  • December 24 - Santurantikuy (Sale of Saint). – it is the largest Christmas Fair of folk art and manners in Peru, it´s held in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco from the sixteenth century; which presents the artwork of the most renowned artisans from Cusco and folk artisans. The central character of this festival is the "Niño Manuelito," representing the Jesus Baby.
  • December, 25 - Chritsmas. Religious celebration that conmemorate the birth of Jesus
  • December, 31 - New Year´s Eve - People from all over the world together with locals, meet in the Main Square and restarurants and bars surrounders. At mid night every body goes around the Main Squre, while there are music and fireworks.
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Feast of Our Lady of Mercy

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Feast of the Lord of Earthquakes